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The struggle for our conscious development in a chaotic and changing world


The occasions of Charles Darwin a hundred and fifty years ago and the beginning of the idea of species evolution have been crucial and chaotic occasions of change in our society …

Many people have been shocked by the suggestion that we advanced from primates, in search of new methods to know the structure and techniques that make us human, intelligent, and evolving beings via their free will of will and selection. Since then, many new scientific discoveries have been made, mapping human DNA, understanding the facility of the brain, the way it works, and the true impression of our ideas on the surroundings and on ourselves. This data has widened the scope of human development beyond the attain of biology now to incorporate the development of our mind, consciousness, civilization, and society.

What are the elements that contribute to conscious development? What are a number of the elements that appear to block, slow down, or counteract, apparently behind the scenes, Machiavellian and focused? What tools do we have to determine and implement to assist humanity reach its next stage of development – absolutely conscious development?

SuperConsciousness had the chance to explore these issues with a sociologist skilled, writer and founder of WorldShift Worldwide, Kingsley Dennis, PhD. His latest new e-book, The Battle for Your Thoughts, Conscious Evolution and the Battle to Control How We Assume, is a thorough and well-researched contribution to the current international efforts of many teams and actions around the world wanting for real change to construct a new structure. society and turn out to be more advanced humanity. Take pleasure in!

SC: Might you inform us a little bit about your self, your background and what led you to put in writing a new ebook, The Struggle of Your Mind?

Kingsley Dennis worked on the University sociologist, so I have been very conscious of the social techniques, ryhmätietoisuudesta, particular person consciousness, and additionally all through my life I’ve been following the development of a conscious and extra religious subjects and considerations. I lived and worked for five years in Istanbul, Turkey, where I used to be related to religious traditions. I came to a point in my life where I needed to mix both parts, my professional sociological background, and my deep private curiosity in consciousness research and conscious development. I needed to deliver them both together because that is the right time for us to know how these ideas work collectively and not individually. I used to be part of the Sufi Mevlevi Group in Istanbul and spent a few years uncovered to their traditions and teachings.

five years, I worked at the University of Lancaster, which is situated in North West England. I was a coordinator for the Complexity Network group, so I looked at how on-line group networks came together in the form of collective awareness, but used social media to share their experiences and connect. Since then, I’ve had a very robust sociological interest in the human expertise and additionally in how human consciousness was turning into more divided, international. It’s clear that what started in me needed more analysis on the moral or intangible points of consciousness and the way it filtered by way of our know-how and our social methods. I take a look at applied sciences and social techniques as an exterior manifestation of what has already occurred on an inner or immaterial degree

SC: The most essential title of your e-book, The Battle for Your Mind, appears more like a personal conquest of the primary. However the subtitle – Conscious evolution and the struggle to regulate how we expect – definitely adds to the private struggle for attainable external influences. Can you touch upon this?

KD: This is the core situation, the person inside design and the way it pertains to, responds to or resonates with our exterior setting. This has been a constant state of affairs throughout our civilization. We’re uncovered or exposed to external influences. There are social and technical implications, and we are creating a degree of awareness, particularly in this century, which is turning into extra and more apparent. Nevertheless, for the sake of social civil society, nation states and governments, they’ve retained the collective control or control of individuality. There are specific social buildings that have all the time been used to regulate and influence the way of thinking all through society. Typically these are referred to as ideologies. I see it occur that the inside and the individual awareness have elevated, which is turning into extra and more apparent. That is manifested in our social life with social demonstrations around the world making an attempt to develop various life. Those who are advised by the federal government what they are saying in the media are much less manipulated and they develop their own consciousness. That is a potential menace to the authorities and administrative buildings now in place. I call this the clash of mythologies. You will have an previous thoughts making an attempt to regulate mass consciousness, conduct and considering, and have a vertical, top-down hierarchical system. Then we’ve got a lateral, horizontally distributed understanding: international connections, individuals sharing info, gathering around the world by means of virtual networks, and rising consciousness.

SC: There are numerous fundamentalist religions that consider in Satan and hell and the demonic influences in our evolution, correlating Satan and his dwarfs to the opening metaphor of your guide. Nonetheless, it is rather fascinating how fundamentalist religions themselves have played a main position in stopping our conscious evolution and blocking humans freely or exploring options, typically even new scientific discoveries. What is your opinion on religion in relation to the concept of conscious evolution?

KD: Faith is just one social establishment. The unique part of religion would have been an lively impulse of evolution, such as the impulse behind Christianity, Judaism, Islam. The unique impulse would have been very useful, however it happens that the evolutionary impulse in our physical setting turns into crystallized, turns into stone, and loses its kinetic energy. In addition, you’ve a hierarchical system, so Christianity and the Catholic Church, for example, turned a hierarchical social system. These techniques then operate in the polarization between good, evil, mild and dark. Mankind is socially adapted to a polarized world, but in the unique teachings there isn’t a polarization, and good and evil are part of the same divine power. What is being handled now’s one thing that is damaged. I see Orthodox social spiritual institutions as a damaged type of the original impulse. When you could have polarization, division, it is a sign that something has misplaced its unique energy. This polarization causes discomfort, warfare, dying and chaos. We have to do greater than polarize back to reunification. Consciousness is unification. Social buildings are polarization. They’re two various things.

SC: You employ all three puzzling phrases in the title of the ebook: thoughts, consciousness – conscious development – and additionally considering. Are you able to tell us how thoughts, consciousness and thought are totally different or the same?

KD: Consciousness and thoughts and thought are various things. I might say that consciousness and the consciousness of mankind are outdoors our bodily bodies. Subsequently, we will speak concerning the collective consciousness or the quantum consciousness or the acacia area. This is an lively area that’s past the bodily realm. The thoughts is what we might name the physical system or organ of the body that extracts external consciousness, and ideas are what we produce from it. For example, whenever you activate the TV, the TV program isn’t contained in the TV, it is outdoors of the printed. The TV has an antenna that picks it up, and inner know-how converts it into photographs. On this analogy, consciousness is a broadcast, the mind is the antenna of a tv, and the thought is an interpreted picture

SC: Referring to the external forces that affect us, you say in your work that these forces are aware of the true energy of human consciousness. 19659004] KD: Human consciousness is such a powerful potential to interact with the fabric surroundings. Science truly ensures that we stay in an lively setting and subsequently matter is a secondary manifestation. Our previous mind would say first and consciousness second, however this is not a legitimate paradigm. For hundreds of years, airtight sciences have been saying to Egypt that the universe is religious, the universe, or what we all know because the universe, appears as a psychological well being power For those who understand that matter is made up of the facility of intentional consciousness and targeted thought

If we might develop the facility of consciousness, we might have a much larger involvement in how reality and matter are manifested around us. This is extraordinarily harmful if individuals are not conscious of easy methods to use it. Clearly, to realize a dominant society, you don't need individuals making an attempt to precise their own actuality and participate in their very own feelings round them, as a result of they are much more durable to regulate. So there are forces making an attempt to maintain this info away from us. Centuries ago, this data remained only in mystery faculties. Newcomers needed to bear prolonged coaching to get this info because it is extremely highly effective. Nowadays, this info is distributed far more freely as a result of individuals are ready to know this actuality and perceive the true capability of a targeted thought. Meditation practices, visualizations are a option to focus our ideas. Metaphor or laser analogy is used. Should you enter the room and change on the sunshine, the room illuminates the sunshine however the mild is just not robust. But for those who take the light and focus it on the laser beam, you’ll be able to minimize by way of the room wall. That's the thought. Whether it is scattered, it isn’t concentrated and has less energy. When you can concentrate, it has nice energy to announce. The distinction with consciousness is that we transfer from more decentralized consciousness to a extra concentrated type and have a higher means to work together with the material surroundings.

Enlightenment is the entry to the sector of consciousness. Once we undergo sure workouts and targeted objective – the first key phrase is to concentrate on how we expect and our thought processes – we will use the notice that exists outdoors of us. The secret faculties knew that this was a very powerful access to consciousness, so the initiators had to go through deep training. The capability of consciousness in people could be very highly effective when focusing. Subsequently, it won’t come in a single day. Individuals need to work for themselves. I'm confused about certain New Age teachings, which say the lighting simply, you need to just sit down and meditate a half hour daily and you have got a larger degree of consciousness. No, larger consciousness takes actual work for itself, true inner change, because it’s a highly effective device for targeted deliberate considering. Extra and extra individuals are aware of this and take it very significantly with a lot of inner work. We’re seeing a great deal of awareness on earth, especially among the younger era.

I see Orthodox social spiritual institutions as a broken type of the original impulse. When you’ve polarization, division, it’s a signal that one thing has misplaced its unique energy. This polarization causes discomfort, warfare, dying and chaos. We need to do greater than polarize back to reunification. Consciousness is unification. Social buildings are polarization. They are two different things.

SC: You speak about totally different forces that forestall or retard our conscious evolution. You say they target the remaining spaces of free selection and free will? Are you able to touch upon how we are doing at this level in our evolution, in this battle for free selection and free will?

KD: There are dominant governing buildings that need to management all our thought patterns. So we have now no area and time for conscious consciousness. It seems to me that we’re going via a period of transition in which social buildings don’t fall or collapse, such as the financial system and comparable social buildings, but in the intervening time there’s more power on the planet. These are moments of evolution.

My private understanding is that our DNA responds to these elevated energies coming to earth. What occurs is that DNA provides an electromagnetic subject. In line with biophysics, DNA is a liquid crystal that emits biophotons, so this can be very sensitive to the exterior power setting. Due to this increased power surroundings, it impacts DNA. So we have now change agents, people who find themselves extra aware of the exterior setting and the modifications which might be happening. But these are just random individuals and not a mass movement. Many younger individuals are born and develop up in one other power setting. In case you are born in a totally different power surroundings, DNA reacts and reacts in a different way. So many youthful individuals are very a lot wired to a different power setting and they understand that something is mistaken. In the event that they go to high school, they haven’t any consideration because the schooling they are given does not fulfill them. Unfortunately, our faculties are giving them medicines like Prozac or alertness. This is utterly incorrect as a result of our youthful era do not need medicines, they want totally different social vitamin, totally different mental vitamin to feed them. These individuals are the beginning of a new era that may rise up and won’t accept the previous buildings, the previous mind. They assume in another way. If we don’t change our instructional buildings, we will be unable to deal with these new generations of youngsters. I feel in 20 years' time and by 2030, we’re going to see a era of 20-year-olds who’re going to react and respond in a very totally different method to the world at present, and they may change.

If we might develop the facility of consciousness, we might have a a lot higher involvement in how actuality and matter are manifested round us. Clearly, in order to realize a dominant society, you don’t want individuals making an attempt to precise their very own actuality and participate in their very own feelings in the encompassing world as a result of they are much more durable to regulate.

SC: Are you referring to final yr's Arab Spring and the Egyptian Revolution that went by means of Fb and social media and youth? Was this part of this conscious development you’re speaking about?

KD: I feel these are the primary wave and know-how could be very fascinating as a result of many younger generations understand know-how immediately. Many of us, especially the older era, are involved that know-how is getting used to regulate individuals, which is. We are saying that know-how makes the younger era illiterate, and so forth., but however, the younger era uses know-how in very alternative ways, comparable to social protest actions and the Arab Spring. They use know-how to collect and type these protest groups. They are wired in another way. They take a look at the know-how and say, “Wait. I'm not going to use this to regulate me. I'm going to make use of it to communicate with my brother and sister. “So this is a totally different mind-set. It’s the previous mind and the brand new thoughts. Younger individuals really do it by themselves and use know-how to make themselves and very fascinating. In accordance with neuroscience, we’ve neuroplasticity. Your brain, our mind patterns, could be altered in response to how they’re used. If we use know-how in a different way, we will truly develop neuropaths to know know-how in another way.

SC: That is the fascinating part of your e-book where you speak about cultural evolution, neuro-genetic evolution and then conscious development. Can you describe what these three forms of evolution are?

KD: Our common understanding of evolution is biological evolution, the previous Darwinian evolution. That is a very sluggish course of for many, many generations. We’ve organic modifications in this manner. Then there’s social / cultural evolution, the place our objects, our literature, our ideas are conveyed via books, by means of ideology and religion. Every era can study earlier patterns of data. It’s social / cultural development that we care about. At present we will read a ebook that somebody wrote a hundred years ago and study from it. It is a quicker type of development than Darwinian evolution. The third stage is neurogenic evolution. DNA is reworked by our changing energetic surroundings on earth. Ten % of DNA is used for protein constructing, what we know as DNA. The other 90 % is also known as misleading junk DNA. However this DNA reacts to the surroundings and is a part of the power area around the physique. If we’re born into a world with a totally different energetic signature, DNA will react in another way and convey info to the kid in a totally different means. The baby reacts instantly to the surroundings. Bruce Lipton has talked about this in phrases of the evolutionary course of in evolution. So the cells in our bodies, our DNA, can truly change inside a era.

Organic evolution can happen for many, many generations. Social / cultural development can take place from one era to another via the transmission of our information via literature, films, faith and extra. But neuro-genetic evolution might be passed down inside a era and it’s "gnosis". Gnosis is an inside design that we settle for and shall be very efficient in the evolution of a few generations of human beings.

SC: What is Neuro censorship about what you point out in your ebook?

KD: This goes back to programming utilizing neural tags, and propaganda advertising could be very effective. Neuro advertising is the Promoting business that could be very in style nowadays. In case you are promoting a film that has gained an Oscar, the film has this great golden Oscar and that is a very visual sign because the brain reacts to those pictures. If in case you have advertising that exhibits little kittens throwing him or little cats grumbling, that's the emotional reply. When you could have politicians, we additionally speak about "hope", "change", "yes we can", these are robust signs that the mind is amassing. Advertisers and PR individuals are extraordinarily expert, and they only achieve this by first experimenting with how the brain reacts to the markers. They use EEG scans, they take the electromagnetic impulses of the mind. They put the individual in front of the tv and scan how the mind responds to these alerts, and they know that the emotional response, the linguistic response, bypasses the brain and provides the person a subjective response. Once we watch television, we all know that we’re being focused by a specific reaction, which is usually unconscious. Politicians use it a lot. It has additionally been used in NLP, Neuro-Linguistic Programming. We respond to language, emotional stimuli, visions, but all of that is extremely programmed. It isn’t an accident that they use these visions that politicians use these words. They’ve been examined earlier than to ensure they’ve a very robust answer. To study more about this, Google neuro advertising. It’s occurring now and is a very refined method.

It's the previous thoughts or the new thoughts. Younger individuals actually do it by themselves and use know-how to empower themselves and it is extremely fascinating.

SC: You also talked about, espe- cially, as esoteric and religious traditions as a device for DNA mutation and evolution, that religious practices can really influence bodily development. Tell us more about this.

KD: Religious traditions all the time knew the impact of the thoughts on their mobile structure or DNA faucet, but centuries in the past that they had no current vocabulary. The DNA was not officially found, in order that they couldn't speak about it. What religious esoteric traditions have been taught, they introduced things like prayer, mantras, visualizations. They used sure colors, akin to meditating on certain colours or certain noises or sure smells in the room. This is able to affect their inner situation. Think of it in terms of recent science. If we’ve got the mantra or the Dhikr, if we repeat sure sounds, certain words over and over again, the whole lot is a vibrational structure. Words are vibration, sounds, colors are vibration and DNA is an electromagnetic power area. Subsequently, it’s affected by vibration. Once we are in this meditative state, we give sure impulses to our inner mobile structure and it could have an effect on development, understanding and awareness. Historic traditions truly understood the structure of the construction very properly. They don't just have the vocabulary to elucidate it.

SC: There’s a massive line in the guide saying that man is a actually unfinished challenge. In connection with this idea, you describe religious potential in a very totally different method from traditional understanding. You’re open to new concepts, artistic considering and visionary ideas, and drive yourself to self-actualization via physical development. Are you able to inform us why?

KD: I seek advice from the fact that the human being is more of a human being because the human physique is a physical structure that’s extremely properly formed, but consciousness is a body that features throughout the body. Accessing awareness isn’t a finished challenge. We will open up and develop your entry to larger awareness. This is also an unfinished challenge. It appears to me that we’re part of why we’re right here on Earth, to develop and filter your access to a greater consciousness, and also to develop our physical buildings and our societies as power filters and power processors.

“With its elevated access. As soon as we now have increased entry, we start to get what we name deviations. For instance, 100 years ago, Richard Bucke's great cosmic consciousness. This work spoke of these indigenous people who had transcendental experiences and didn’t know the right way to interpret them. These transcendental experiences are the primary signs that we are opening our conscious awareness and staying related. I call this "polishing the bridge". Sprucing the bridge between our self and the larger greater self, and the extra we polish, the more we have now the physical expertise,

Many people find that they’ve the inspiration between waking and sleeping. These are spaces the place we will ease the thoughts whereas the mind is consistently talking to itself, talking away. This is consciousness or greater consciousness and what we filter in our physique, in our minds. In some states we’ve got a higher psychological capability to use these states of consciousness.

It appears to me that these areas are evolving more and extra. Many younger youngsters at present are referred to as indigo youngsters or comparable names because they’re already better capable of grow to be conscious of those psychic states. I don't need to speak about these psychological states as esoteric; I need to say they’re the brand new normal. At first, they could be anomalies, however all paradigm shifts will start with anomalies, and in the years to return, more of us, myself, the widespread individuals, might be impressed, flashing transcendental moments. These are the brand new consciousness coming into consciousness, coming to manifestation, and it will turn out to be the brand new regular. We shouldn't speak about it on New Age Day or weird or bizarre. Our job is to try to normalize the brand new "coming of man".

SC: Why haven't we been capable of collectively emerge from civilization in the sedative state you point out in amnesia? regardless of all the goodwill on earth?

KD: It's not simply turning on the light change and everyone wakes up. If everybody awoke, society would collapse. It sounds unusual, however it is true because we have to change or transition to a new society relatively progressively. Individuals wake up at totally different occasions and participate in this motion. Some individuals in this era might not wake up in this life. It’s partly external and partly inner. It's not just a present to us. We now have to work with it, concentrate on it. The first question is that we have to be aware that we’re conscious and that we’re getting into into this physical three-dimensional world.

Extra and more individuals know this and wake up, but not all once. It doesn't work that approach. If everybody awoke unexpectedly, the methods would collapse. Individuals wouldn’t go to work, they might not accept the economic system. It might not profit society. We must change in a means that is useful to our exterior world in concord with the internal world. It's not an electric shock. It is about gradual understanding and awareness that we will work. Religious realization must apply to our outer world.

SC: You stated that humanity is on the edge, in transition, nevertheless it hasn't reached the tipping level. Are we going to succeed in this tipping point quickly?

KD: What I’m saying is just my instinct and it looks like we are reaching the tipping point. We don’t need a majority of the tipping level. In truth, we only need a minority, but we’d like a minority of conscious people who find themselves targeted and capable of venture their consciousness into our exterior surroundings. I feel the subsequent ten years in specific are a sort of disturbing time when many people wake up however are shocked by the truth of the state of affairs. If you end up conscious of what is really happening, how the world really works, how we are programmed, how we are so match, how the social matrix tried to control us and brainwashing us, it is extremely complicated. At first it can be surprising and then we’ve to work collectively to deliver new understanding, to deliver new considering, to talk with our family, our associates, our communities and to work. It seems to me that while this unique shock might occur, there will probably be a tipping level. Imagine this debate 10 years in the past. It might have been very troublesome. I can't speak to my grandparents about these subjects as a result of they take a look at me unusually. Even my mother and father take a look at me a little unusually, but when I speak to individuals like you or our era or younger individuals, they’ll understand it. It is a sign that we’re shifting in the direction of the tipping level.

SC: You contact on some Mayan culture and their teachings in your work. How do you see the totally different prophecies and traditions of radical change in 2012 in comparison with what you’re speaking about?

KD: Movement in 2012 could be very troublesome to disregard, and I feel like it's polarization, and however, historic indigenous traditions like the Mayan prophecy, however not only the Mayans, Aztecs and Hopi have talked about totally different cycles, totally different age teams and 2012 are astronomically and astrologically vital. What is essential is that it represents a very clear constructive time when we need to begin changing paradigms of thought. This is the time to drive new consciousness

2012 passes. It goes, it's not the top of the world. For me, this is a vital sign as a result of when individuals stroll in, they are saying, “Okay, we're nonetheless right here. The world continues to be a bit chaotic, so what can we do? “Okay, now’s the time to work, the time to work in the world, to work with yourself, to work with consciousness. Because the finish has not arrived, we have now a future to look ahead to.

Then again, I converse in what I call Armageddon Meme. There are lots of parts in society that have used the Mayan 2012 calendar to instill worry in individuals: that we have now this polar change, that we are going to lose continents and that we’ll have many deaths. When you will have worry, you might have violence. Individuals then shirk their obligations and say, “Okay, I'm afraid. I give my duty to governments. It's dangerous. I feel 2012 has been a deliberate manipulation to create insecurity and worry. Mielestäni meidän velvollisuutemme on käyttää 2012 myönteisenä merkkinä sanomalla, kun siirrymme siihen, että olemme edelleen täällä, on aika päästä töihin ja käyttää tietoisuutta yhteiskuntamme parannukseen, joka on mayojen ennustuksen alkuperäinen tarkoitus. Uusi maailma on tulossa ja se on inhimillistä, ei ihmisen päätä.

SC: Sanotte, että ihmiskunta pakotetaan muutoksiin ja miten käsittelemme sitä on mitata kypsyytemme lajeina. Jos se on todellakin meille, miten me muutamme tässä muutos- ja siirtymävaiheessa evoluutiossamme?

KD: Se on täysin niin. Olemme kollektiivinen perhe. Sillä ei ole väliä niin paljon fyysisistä olosuhteista tai tilasta. Olemme kollektiivinen laji, jota kutsutaan ihmiskunnaksi ja maa on meidän vastuumme kollektiivisina huoltajina. Miksi haluamme antaa pois voimamme? Why can we need to say, “Oh, there’s an elite minority who control the governments and financial institutions and corporations. They will sort it out.” No, that’s completely the wrong way up. We’d like now to know that humanity has a collective duty to act, both collectively and individually, to take power back into ourselves and work with the earth, work in harmony with environmental buildings, and understand how evolution works.

I really feel there has been a deliberate manipulation of 2012 to create insecurity and worry. I really feel it’s our duty to make use of 2012 as a constructive marker by saying once we cross it we’re still right here, it’s time to get to work and use consciousness for the betterment of our societies, which is the original intention of the Mayan prophecy. A new world is coming into being and it is human turning into, not human end.

Evolution works by way of participation. Human “becoming” is human turning into accountable. We might not have a selection in what occurs upon the earth. The earth is shifting, there will probably be bodily modifications, water cycle modifications, geographic, geophysical modifications, akin to earthquakes, which is the earth realigning itself. We will’t control that nor ought to we but we will respond to it. The sign of our integrity, the sign of our maturity as a species isn’t by making an attempt to regulate issues however responding to occasions with consideration, compassion, equilibrium, concord with our setting and fellow humanity.


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