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Ranking the best pre-workout supplements for women of 2019

Ranking the best pre-workout supplements for women of 2019

Pre-workout supplements aren’t just for guys.

For women who are critical about getting toned, enhancing their fitness, or slicing fats whereas maintaining lean mass, a pre-workout supplement is nearly vital.

Nevertheless, you possibly can’t all the time settle for the similar pre-workout supplement as males, since women have a special hormonal profile than males, and thus need a pre-workout complement that’s tuned to their biochemistry.

We’ve reviewed the best pre-workout supplements for women and ranked the prime ten. If you wish to tune up your workout, verify our our rankings.


1. Performance Lab SPORT Pre-Exercise

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90% of pre-workouts include caffeine, which is nice…until you endure jittery uncomfortable side effects and power crashes. Efficiency Lab Pre is a non-stim choice for women who want the benefits with out turning into dependent on stimulants.

It primes your body for high-intensity coaching by way of an intelligent formulation of Maritime Pine Bark Extract for fatigue-fighting and circulation, creatine for inter-muscular power, and Carnosyn® to halt lactic acid build-up.

Add into this some replenishing electrolytes and the highly effective antioxidants Setria®, you’ve obtained a potent, stim-free pre-workout. All-natural and vegan-friendly. Even the capsules are comprised of prebiotic fiber to improve digestion.

No jitters, no worries – just improved performance.

2. Bare Power Pure Pre-Workout Formulation

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Its plain packaging and easy design method make it clear: this is the go-to pre-workout supplement for women who need to hold issues easy.

It has a number of key vitamins and minerals: folate, vitamin C, and calcium, plus beta-alanine, creatine, and L-arginine, which work to improve your explosive energy, muscular power, and anaerobic power.

Properly-suited for high-intensity workouts, lengthy cardio, and weight lifting periods, this supplement is an all-around nice decide.

three. RedLeaf Pre-Exercise Energizer

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RedLeaf is a robust candidate for the best pre-workout supplement that focuses on burning fats.

With a mixture of green tea extract (one of the most proven fat burners out there), raspberry ketone, a small dose of caffeine (40 mg to be actual), it’s highly effective at turning up your body’s means to burn fats.

Add to that the amino acids included and you’ve obtained a profitable formulation for health and weight reduction.

four. FitMiss Ignite

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FitMiss Ignite is a superb selection for a pre-workout increase if your routine includes high-intensity intervals or high-rep weight lifting.

This pre-workout complement is predicated around a mix of beta alanine, carnitine, and beetroot extract to spice up your anaerobic power output whereas protecting the calories to a minimal.

It has some caffeine to cost up your power ranges, as well as amino acids to facilitate muscle repair and fats loss.

5. Lotus Pre-Exercise

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Lotus Pre-Workout stands out as the best pre-workout complement that focuses on hydration.

With a mixture of himalayan pink sea salt, coconut water powder, and glycerol to offer electrolytes and improve water retention, this is a wonderful choice for those who’re going to be workout out in the heat or doing scorching yoga.

It’s very specialized on the hydration front, so meaning it’s not the best selection when you’ll be lifting or doing a short anaerobic workout.

6. Cellucor Super HD

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Cellucor Tremendous HD is a high-powered pre-workout method whose focus is clearly burning off fat by up-regulating your body’s metabolism and its capability to oxidize fats throughout train.

It supplies a excessive dose of caffeine, B vitamins, and natural extracts like yohimbe and capsaicin, which all target fat metabolism.

It might not perform as nicely if your aim is high depth interval coaching, because it lacks some of the anaerobic boosters of different supplements, but when the robust kick of caffeine is okay, it’s going to work properly for burning fat.

7. Natural Muscle Organic Pre-Exercise

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Despite the identify, Organic Muscle Organic Pre-Workout isn’t so targeted on individuals trying to pack on muscle. Its method is as an alternative centered round antioxidants and pure metabolism boosters.

The antioxidants embrace beetroot, pomegranate, and goji berry, whereas the matcha, acai, and cranberry are some of the major elements of the metabolic increase.

The shortage of amino acids and performance boosters makes this complement much less suited for high depth workouts, but great for long periods of cardio.

8. Keto Collection Keto Pre-Workout

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Whereas the ketogenic food regimen doesn’t attraction to everybody, those who do attempt it have to make special changes to all elements of their food regimen, and that features any pre-workout supplements that they take.

Keto Collection Keto Pre-Exercise is designed with this in mind; it supplies the electrolytes you’d anticipate from a typical sports activities drink, but with monk fruit extract as a non-caloric sweetener and beta-hydroxybutyrates as ketogenic “boosters” to offer your physique additional ketones to burn immediately for gasoline during train.

The 150 mg of caffeine per serving will even increase your body’s fats oxidation, enabling you to work out at a better depth.

9. Uncooked Synergies ThermoPre

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ThermoPre is designed for a robust fat burning and power boosting effect, however with 250 mg of caffeine per serving, plus other energizers like yerba mate and theacrine, it could be too much for many women to handle without getting jitters or irritability.

Until you’re understanding in the morning and need an enormous increase to your fat metabolism, there are better pre-workout options for women.

10. RSP Amino Lean

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Amino Lean from RSP has a variety of components, but in contrast to many of its rivals, it doesn’t seem to place them collectively in the direction of a targeted function.

The presence of synthetic flavors and coloring brokers shall be an enormous turn-off for many women, and the problem of figuring out exactly how a lot of every ingredient is included in the proprietary blends shouldn’t be a beautiful function both.

Who can purchase a pre-workout supplement for women?

In case you’re a lady who’s critical about getting in a top quality exercise, you’re a major candidate for a pre-workout supplement for women.

Whereas there are a lot of strong pre-workout products formulated without any particular issues for women, you’re more likely to be better off taking something that takes under consideration the unique physiology of women.

Taking a generic pre-workout may land you with too much caffeine, tingling and purple skin from an excessive amount of niacin and beta-alanine, but not enough in the method of different sources of power. There are far better ways to get prepared for your exercise than that.

Not every lady needs to take a pre-workout earlier than going to the fitness center. If all you do is exercise to remain wholesome or hold usually match, you in all probability don’t need a pre-workout.

Nevertheless, in the event you take your health significantly and need to carry out your best, pre-workout might help you achieve peak efficiency. Athletes training to compete and lifters trying to set private data can each profit from a pre-workout supplement.

The benefits of pre-workout are strongest for brief, explosive, and anaerobic activities, like lifting and high-intensity interval sprints. If your exercise includes any of these actions, you need to contemplate a pre-workout complement somewhat more intently. 

How we ranked

When formulating our rankings of the prime pre-workout supplements for women, we had a number of strict standards for inclusion.

While we did not require products to be specially marketed for women, it was an enormous benefit for a pre-workout product to be designed particularly to take women’s needs under consideration. We excluded merchandise that have been too heavy on caffeine and too mild on some other useful components right away—typically, unscrupulous manufacturers will depend on a caffeine buzz as evidence for a benefit.

A top quality product, if it makes use of caffeine, will incorporate caffeine at a average quantity alongside different useful elements to serve women’s’ pursuits best.

Subsequent up, we seemed for key elements that might increase exercise performance and decrease post-workout soreness. These included antioxidants like vitamin C, as well as amino acids (notably branched-chain amino acids or BCAAs for brief).

Since amino acids are the building blocks for muscle fibers, they’re important for exercise restoration. Moreover, some research means that having amino acids in your system if you work out can decrease muscle injury, and stop decrements in your performance over the days following a troublesome workout session.

Merchandise that had these sorts of components climbed up the rankings; people who have been lacking acquired eliminated from consideration.

Peak exercise performance in power and energy duties relies upon to an amazing extent on your body’s anaerobic power techniques. Because of this, we put a robust emphasis on pre-workout supplements that contained ergogenic aids for anaerobic energy, like beta-alanine and creatine.

These compounds, and associated supplements like arginine, are some of the most potent efficiency enhancers for short-duration tasks like lifting and sprinting, so their presence in a pre-workout supplement is enormously helpful. 

For endurance events, protecting hydrated and topping off your electrolyte ranges is extra essential. Whereas most people get sufficient electrolytes in their weight loss plan, a pre-workout that has electrolytes nonetheless has an edge on one which doesn’t, particularly because women have a tendency to interact in cardio more typically than males do.

So, while it wasn’t our prime precedence, we did think about whether or not a pre-workout product for women had electrolytes like sodium, potassium, and magnesium.

Finally, we looked at the general composition and high quality of the complement. Did it use minimalist design, with little or nothing in the approach of artificial flavors, colours, and additives? Or was it sugary, full of synthetic sweeteners, or coloured with probably undesirable synthetic coloring agents?

Products that scored properly in terms of general supplement design ended up at the prime of the rankings, while people who scored poorly ended at the bottom, or obtained dropped utterly. The remaining merchandise, so as of high quality, symbolize the best pre-workout supplement decisions for women which are on the market right now. 


Attaining your workout objectives will get quite a bit easier if you choose the right pre-workout complement. For women who need to accomplish more at the health club (or, for that matter, on the roads, in the yoga studio, and so forth.), a pre-workout complement can hold you hydrated, improve the quantity of fat you burn, enhance your anaerobic energy, or make it easier to recuperate quicker from heavy lifting periods.

It’s all a matter of choosing the proper complement for your workout wants.

Broadly speaking, a pre-workout complement for women is going to be targeted at (a minimum of) one of a number of main benefits: enhancing hydration, boosting fats oxidation, growing performance during high-intensity train, and enhancing recovery after resistance training periods (i.e. weight lifting).

Pre-workout supplements provide quality hydration. Hydration is a crucial want should you’ll be doing long cardio periods, taking a sauna, doing scorching yoga, or anything that may produce lots of sweating.

Research revealed in 2001 in the journal Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology indicates that even delicate dehydration–a loss of a couple of proportion points of your physique weight in water–may end up in a substantial decrement in efficiency, as well as an impairment in your capability to tolerate warmth (1).

This could cause problems in case you are out for a long term in the summer time or in the middle of a 90-minute scorching yoga class. There’s a lot more to hydration than just consuming water. A pre-workout complement can use one of several tips to assist improve your hydration levels and improve your efficiency in situations where you’ll be sweating so much.

The primary amongst these is the inclusion of a wide range of electrolytes. Most people know that sweat is salty, but that salt isn’t just comprised of sodium–there are a number of other electrolytes, including calcium, potassium, and magnesium, which might be contained in sweat, at varying levels.

This was reported in detail in a 1997 scientific research in the Journal of Applied Physiology (2). While sodium is certainly the commonest electrolyte in sweat, it’s essential to switch the others, too.

A great pre-workout supplement for women will embrace not just sodium, but magnesium, calcium and potassium as properly.

One other device in the arsenal of a pre-workout is the use of glycerol powder to boost water retention. This can be a biochemical trick that’s been recognized to elite exercise physiologists since at the very least the 1990s, but has only lately develop into common amongst pre-workout supplements for women.

One research, revealed in the International Journal of Sports activities Drugs, demonstrated that a glycerol supplement improved biking efficiency in a simulated time trial (three).

In the experiment described in that paper, cyclists have been capable of journey quicker with a “hyper-hydration” protocol that concerned glycerol, in comparison with consuming simply water alone.

Pre-workouts for women can burn fats. Relating to fats oxidation, a very good pre-workout supplement supplies many of the similar advantages as a fats burner. The important thing components for this type of pre-workout supplements are natural extracts like inexperienced coffee bean and green tea extract, that are both potent fats oxidizers.

Every of these appears to combine properly with caffeine in average quantities, as they seem to interact synergistically. This was the conclusion of an article revealed in the International Journal of Weight problems–the lively compounds in inexperienced tea combine with the results of caffeine to supply higher will increase in fat metabolism compared to either compound alone (four).

These pre-workout supplements have a tendency to mix nicely with cardio, as long periods of cardio exercise improve fat metabolism as properly.

For top-intensity interval coaching and high-rep weight lifting periods, you want one thing just a little totally different.

Several key components in a pre-workout can increase anaerobic efficiency. These training methods are based mostly extra around your anaerobic energy output, and because of that, the sort of complement elements you need to look for are issues like beta alanine, carnitine, and beet root extract.

These have a robust affect on your body’s potential to supply quite a bit of power in a brief period of time. Supplementing with beta alanine and carnitine, for example, has been shown to enhance efficiency in high-intensity sprints and repeated-sprint exams, indicating they’re worthwhile supplements for occasions like Crossfit and HIIT training (5).

Beetroot juice is well-suited for steady high-intensity coaching, because it boosts your potential to make the most of oxygen in your muscle mass, in accordance with a 2012 scientific article (6).

Amino acids are crucial for power good points. For power positive factors, you’ll need to hunt down a pre-workout complement that includes amino acids (notably branched-chain amino acids) and creatine, especially in case you are wanting for absolute positive factors in power.

Amino acids, and BCAAs particularly, help with muscle restoration after intense power coaching bouts. A research paper revealed in the Journal of Power and Conditioning Analysis suggests that a BCAA complement might assist athletes who’re pushing themselves proper to the limits of recovery, stopping overtraining and enhancing recovery throughout training (7).

Creatine is one of the most-proven supplements for growing muscular power. For women trying to increase their muscular power, creatine is one of the safest and only supplements you possibly can take.

While creatine is mostly associated with male athletes, there’s a substantial physique of evidence suggesting it will possibly improve muscular power and even decrease body fats in women specifically. An experiment revealed in 2000 in the Journal of Power and Conditioning Research cut up sixteen school feminine lacrosse gamers into both a placebo group or a creatine supplement group for a 5 week portion of training (8).

The researchers tracked upper physique power and physique fat in both teams all through the research. At the research’s conclusion, the researchers found that the creatine complement resulted in increased higher physique power and decreases in physique fats—both of that are great outcomes for athletes.

Other research revealed in 2003 found that simply 5 days of creatine supplementation was enough for wholesome women to increase their quadriceps power (9). Brief-term results like these justify the inclusion of creatine in a pre-workout complement, as they recommend that creatine has a direct and fast-acting impact. 

Aspect Results

Virtually all high quality pre-workout supplements for women can be well-tolerated. The only category of elements that may cause unwanted effects are these designed to extend fats metabolism, and the largest offender amongst these can also be one of the most ubiquitous in everyday life–caffeine.

Women appear to be especially vulnerable to the unfavourable results of caffeine, partially as a result of they only are typically smaller and thus affected extra by a given dose of caffeine, but in addition as a result of of hormonal influences.

Caffeine lasts lots longer in the bloodstream of women who take contraceptives, which signifies that taking a pre-workout complement with caffeine in it in the afternoon might maintain you up late into the night time (eight).

When you get jittery, irritable, or restless later in the day, verify the caffeine content material of your pre-workout supplement.

Different fats burners may cause comparable issues, but top quality pre-workout supplements for women are likely to only use protected, proven fat-burners like inexperienced tea extract, which has a superb security profile.

Really helpful dosage

Most high-quality pre-workout supplements for women have had their serving measurement calibrated to correspond to the best dosage of all of the lively components, but you’ll be able to’t all the time rely on a product’s serving measurement to get it proper.

In case your pre-workout supplement incorporates caffeine, you must know that the majority analysis suggests you’ll be able to garner all of the benefits with a dose as little as about three mg of caffeine per kilogram of physique weight. That’s about 150 mg of caffeine for a 120-pound lady.

By this math, most women will need to keep under 150 to 200 mg of caffeine for optimal benefits and minimal unwanted side effects. As for creatine, traditional supplementation routines typically call for 15 grams per day or extra, but new research exhibits that as little as three grams per day complete can obtain the similar effects (9).

For beta-alanine, optimal effects happen with one to 2 grams per day, however for those who take too much unexpectedly, you will get a tingling sensation in your pores and skin. It may be better to allocate some of your complete beta-alanine to a post-workout or intra-workout complement.

On the subject of BCAAs, most analysis on BCAAs for women suggests that 5 to 10 grams is the optimal dose, although this is complete across the day. If other supplements, like a protein shake, include BCAAs as properly, these additionally rely in the direction of this complete.

Actual dosage is much less crucial for electrolytes and antioxidants like vitamin C, so you may be versatile with the amounts of these components.

You’ll notice that the majority high-quality pre-workout supplements already have these dosages dialed in, so that you typically don’t have to worry too much should you’re using a top-notch product. 


Q: What ought to be in a pre-workout drink for women? 

A: To be prepared for optimal exercise efficiency, you need to look for elements that may help three broad categories of athletic tasks: muscular power, anaerobic energy, and aerobic endurance.

On the muscular power front, a pre-workout drink with BCAAs is an actual winner. Not a lot as a result of it should improve your one-rep max, but as a result of research signifies that BCAAs can scale back post-workout soreness and muscle injury.

The identical applies for antioxidants like vitamin C. Creatine is another important ingredient for constructing muscular power, and its advantages bleed over into anaerobic energy as nicely.

For better anaerobic energy, you also need beta-alanine, as it increases your body’s maximum energy output.

On the subject of aerobic endurance, electrolytes may also help keep robust performance even on scorching, humid days.

Caffeine is an general efficiency enhancer that appears to spice up athletic efficiency throughout the board, though understandably not everyone needs caffeine proper earlier than every exercise they do. 

Q: What can you’re taking as an alternative of pre-workout? 

A: One of the easiest and most old-school “pre-workout” options is a cup of coffee. Slightly hydration and a wholesome serving of caffeine is more than sufficient to spice up your efficiency and motivation at the health club.

If you wish to go more high-tech, attempt including MCT oil to your coffee for a boost of power from medium-chain triglycerides.

It’s also possible to cobble collectively your personal supplementation routine that provides, individually, key pre-workout elements like creatine, beta-alanine, and branched chain amino acids, but at that point, why not simply take a pre-mixed pre-workout? 

Q: Is pre-workout dangerous for you? 

A: Some individuals have damaging reactions to pre-workout products which might be too heavy on caffeine, or load up on too much beta-alanine.

As you probably know, too much caffeine may end up in nervousness, nausea, jitters, and irritability—not precisely what you want for peak athletic performance.

Too much beta alanine may cause tingling in your pores and skin, as can pre-workouts with big quantities of niacin. Some lower-quality producers depend on components like these to provide you a “buzz” in an effort to make you assume the complement is doing one thing.

Should you can avoid these sorts of merchandise, and use pre-workouts judiciously at the proper dosage, they shouldn’t be dangerous for you. 

Q: Do it’s worthwhile to use pre-workout? 

A: If all you do is go to the health club to stay healthy or say usually match, pre-workout in all probability isn’t vital. Pre-workout supplements are good in case you are a critical athlete who needs to realize your personal best, or take your coaching to the subsequent degree.

Pre-workout supplements work best for athletic tasks ruled by muscular power, anaerobic energy, and aerobic endurance, in order that they’re unlikely to help with something like yoga, regardless of how critical you’re about it.

The advantages of pre-workout are likely to scale with the intensity of the exercise, and the degree of seriousness of the athlete. That’s why they’re so in style amongst high-level athletes and rivals. 

Q: What does a pre-workout supplement do? 

A: Pre-workout supplements prime your physique for prime performance in a spread of ways. Each ingredient performs a specialized position. Caffeine helps your central nervous system output more power for the similar effort.

Beta alanine helps your muscle fibers buffer lactate from anaerobic power production, whereas creatine helps with short-term muscle energy production and increases muscle fiber measurement as properly.

BCAAs, on the other hand, forestall muscle injury, which lets you maintain workout efficiency everyday. While all of these totally different components stimulate totally different physiological methods, the ultimate aim is the similar: higher workout performance. 

Q: How long does a pre-workout supplement final? 

A: The elimination time for totally different pre-workout elements varies, nevertheless it’s affordable to anticipate a pre-workout to last for no less than two to 3 hour.

In case you’re doing a very lengthy exercise, or splitting your time between two totally different workouts, you may choose for an intra-workout supplement to maintain your power ranges up, however typically, this gained’t be vital. 

Q: Why does pre-workout make you tingle?

A: Tingling from a pre-workout supplement comes from two sources. Either the product incorporates lots of beta-alanine, or it accommodates rather a lot of niacin (or each).

The flushing and tingling from these elements is innocent, however it can be fairly annoying and even distracting when you’re making an attempt to get a superb workout in.

In case your pre-workout supplement is making you tingle, look for one which has a decrease dosage of beta-alanine and low or no niacin.

Beta-alanine has potent ergogenic results, but the advantages of niacin for exercise performance are much less clear, so that you aren’t dropping much in the means of efficiency by opting for a pre-workout with out niacin. 

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Getting the most out of your exercise is something that the right pre-workout supplement might help you obtain, assuming you select the proper one.

Bear in mind the incontrovertible fact that many pre-workout supplements are geared in the direction of totally different activities and totally different objectives, so think about each whenever you select one.

The correct pre-workout supplement for a lady who needs to make it by means of a whole scorching yoga class without taking a break is probably not the right pre-workout complement for a lady who needs to step up her efficiency in Crossfit. The identical is true for somebody who needs to shed some pounds doing cardio.

The excellent news is that there are pre-workout formulations for all of these objectives and more.

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