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Frequently Asked Questions about the SuperMac Spectrum Video Card

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SuperMac was as soon as a serious player in the Macintosh video market, with graphics cards, graphics cards and legendary Video Spigot. Radius acquired SuperMac as the main competitor of this competitor in 1994.

  SuperMac logo The SuperMac model was later acquired by the most famous Umax scanner (only Hewlett Packard bought extra however Umax decided to go away the scanner market in 2002) and used to launch the Umax SuperMac line from approved Macintosh clones, which was the progress of the Radius line of Mac clones.

The Macintosh archive has a full-featured folder (SuperMac_family.sit) with SuperMac video controllers, an earlier version of this FAQ and out there for download.

This is the unique Radius / SuperMac update, customization and partial update help paperwork. All links on this web page have now disappeared. For more info, see Vintage Radius Paperwork. Inexperienced textual content is outdated and preserved for historic reasons.

Q: Is the card suitable with any new PCI-Mac?

A: No. All SuperMac playing cards are either NuBus or PDS cards, and PCI Power Mac computers are solely PCI slots, SuperMac playing cards can’t be installed on Power Macs and Performa Macs on PCI slots.

Q: Once I connect a monitor to a Spectrum card, I get a distorted, unencrypted picture as an alternative of a usable picture. I know the display is meant to be suitable with this card – what else ought to I do?

A: SuperMac playing cards have to be assigned to the display on which they’re related. For those who transfer the card to another location on your Mac card, attach a second display to it, or shut the Mac's PRAM card, it is advisable to reconfigure the card to offer the right alerts and timings required by the show. To reset the SuperMac, press and hold the Choice key on the keyboard throughout startup. Hold down the Choice key until the “Round Robin” configuration cycle begins. Once you see a keyboard image that’s clear, centered, and the resolution you need, press the area bar. The pc restarts, and the card and display should now be configured appropriately.

Q: Are SuperMac Spectrum graphics cards suitable with System 7.5?

A: Sure, as long as your SuperMac card is lately utilized in ROM and software program variations. Nevertheless, if the card is just too previous to help three.0 or 1.7.2-ROMs, it is probably not absolutely suitable. An exception is an Apple CloseView management panel that does not work properly with SuperMac playing cards. Nevertheless, the CloseView function is superfluous because virtually all SuperMac cards have already got a superb built-in zoom function. If CloseView is put in for personalisation throughout System 7.5 installation, take away it from the Control Panels folder.

Q: Which Spectrum playing cards are suitable with the Power Macintosh line and how can I update my card if essential? [19659006] A: All Spectrum 24 collection V playing cards are Energy Mac suitable. Spectrum / 24 Collection IV, Spectrum Power • 1152 and Spectrum / 24 PDQ Plus with ROM and software program variations three.0 or later are all suitable with Energy Macintosh 7100 and 8100 computers. Because of the power constraints of the Energy Mac 6100, solely Spectrum Energy • 1152 is suitable with the 6100. All different Spectrum playing cards will not be suitable with the Energy Macintosh platform. Name our ordering division instantly at 800-977-7060 to order any mandatory ROM updates. The Spectrum / 24 Collection IV-ROM Update Part Number is SK0008; Half quantity for Spectrum / 24 PDQ Plus ROM is SK0009; The part quantity for the Spectrum Energy • 1152 ROM is SK0011.

Q: Do you have got Spectrum cards in Energy Macintosh 6100?

A: Spectrum Power • 1152 is designed to suit the 7-inch Power Macintosh 6100 and different "pizza boxes" similar to Centris and Quadra 610 and 660AV. It’s the solely SuperMac-labeled card that’s 7 inches.

Q: My display returns to black and white when Mac starts up.

A: There may be considered one of two problems:

To start with, in Energy Macintosh, which has versions of the monitor control panel earlier than 7.3.2, the graphics card returns to black and white when the pc is turned on if "Restart. again ”is chosen on the management panel of the show. To fix this drawback, merely open the screens from the control panel and choose “Reorder closed”.

Secondly, the SuperMac card starts in black and white mode if Apple's Show Enabler extension and monitor control panel model 7.3.2 or later uses a graphics card that accommodates any ROM version prior to The answer is to improve the card, if potential, to ROM version three.0 or later. The upgradeable playing cards are Spectrum / 24 PDQ Plus, Spectrum / 24 Collection IV and Spectrum Power • 1152. This ROM replace additionally ensures Energy Macintosh compatibility. You’ll be able to order any Spectrum card for ROM improve to 800-977-7060. The Spectrum / 24 Collection IV-ROM Replace Half Number is SK0008; Part quantity for Spectrum / 24 PDQ Plus ROM is SK0009; Spectrum Energy Part Quantity • 1152 ROM Upgrade is SK0011.

Q: My Spectrum card has ROM model 3.0 and SuperPower extension 1.1 is installed, so why is a graphics card so sluggish on my Energy Macintosh?

A: On a Power Macintosh, the SuperPower extension provides QuickDraw acceleration for SuperMac graphics playing cards. To ensure that SuperPower to work, you need to turn on the Memory Stick's Trendy Memory Manager function. In case you enable this function, restart the Power Macintosh, the SuperPower extension will not display the "X" icon at startup, and the QuickDraw acceleration will work properly.

Q: Why do home windows typically get fallacious (as if they have been transparent on a Power Mac?

A: If you already have ROM version on your card, be sure to have SuperPower v1.1 put in in the Extensions folder in your system folder. This problem occurred in SuperPower INIT and was confirmed by the following SuperPower replace. and Radius On-line BBS

Q: Why do I have to reconfigure a SuperMac card in a DuoDock each time I put a Duo in a Dock? outdoors the docking station dock (when you have got already set up the card), the card knowledge saved in the Duo's PRAM is deleted, so comply with Once you turn on the Duo card when it is in the Dock, it’s essential to reset the card and show. The solution is to use DD INIT (DuoDock INIT) version 1.1. This works together with the ROM version 1.7.2 or 2.0 to take care of the PRAM settings on the card, even if the Duo is used outdoors the dock. This INIT is accessible in the Radius areas of the Americas, CompuServe, AppleLink, eWorld by way of the Internet at and Radius On-line BBS at 408-541-6190.


  1. In case your card incorporates ROM version three.0 or larger, you should use DD INIT 1.2
  2. Do not set up the card in Dock slot C. It’s going to return to 640 x 480.
  3. DuoDock INIT doesn’t work with Spectrum / 8 Collection III

Q: I’ve hassle making my Spectrum / eight Collection III or Spectrum / 24 Collection III card. with SuperMatch 17 • T. What do I have to do?

A: It’s worthwhile to use a special cable adapter, model STD3592. This adapter is designed solely for this show and card meeting, and is required for these two units to work collectively. The part number for this adapter is 0008602-0001A. Later versions of Spectrum Collection III discs do not want this adapter as long as they have a Revision F disc for Apple 16-inch shows. Should you want an adapter, name 800-977-7060 to order part # 0008602-0001A. The accessories of this adapter have been thin in the last update and is probably not obtainable for much longer.

Q: Do Spectrum Playing cards Change Flight Precision?

A: Yes, SuperMac card supporting "on-screen decision switches by means of the display control panel in case you have the following: SuperMac ROM model or later, SuperVideo or later, multi-resolution display, Shows control panel v7.3.2 or later and Apple Graphics Card 1.0 or larger. (In case you are using System 7.5 or larger, Show Enabler does not must be put in individually). The required Apple software program information are part of Apple's MultipleScan Display software package deal, obtainable from Apple for download from AppleLink, eWorld or online at

Q: I upgraded to SuperVideo 2.7.5 and my acceleration doesn't appear to work. I forgot one thing?

A: In previous versions of SuperVideo, the management panel and Accelerator INIT have been two separate objects. As a result of the accelerator is now built on the SuperVideo control panel, it’s worthwhile to clear all previous copies that could be in the system folder.

Q: I exploit SuperVideo 2.49 with System 7 and my SuperMac card not seems to work or get unusual system errors. What's improper?

A: For those who use System 7, you will need to use SuperVideo 2.7 or later. The present model of SuperVideo is 2.7.5 for ROM variations as much as 1.7.2 and a couple of.0.0a, and model three.1 for ROM three.0 or later. The newest software program could be downloaded from the Radius software program libraries at CompuServe, America Online, AppleLink, eWorld, web ( and Radius Online BBS at 408-541-6190.

Q: I’ve an previous Spectrum / eight Collection II card and I can't configure it with SuperVideo.

A: The advisable answer to this drawback is to connect an Apple 13 ″ (or suitable) monitor to the graphics card in order that it can be redefined with SuperVideo software program. This answer works because, by default, the Spectrum / 8 Collection II card has an Apple 13 ″ decision of 640 x 480 each time a card is moved to a brand new location or a PRAM is eliminated. For those who shouldn’t have an Apple 13 suitable show, you need to use the Config Spec8 / II program, which is meant to be used solely with this card. Config Spec8 / II may be downloaded from Radius software program libraries on CompuServe, America Online, AppleLink, eWorld, and Radius Online BBS servers at 408-541-6190.

Q: Why doesn't an area or Choice key work once you set up a SuperMac card?

A: If the onerous disk boot blocks are damaged, the Macintosh system software program might not have the ability to learn keyboard keys throughout startup. The answer to this drawback is to maintain the Choice key pressed once you begin your pc from a floppy disk, resembling the Disk Instruments device that incorporates the System Folder disk. As a result of the boot blocks are unlikely to be broken by the floppy disk, the configuration process proceeds normally and the area works to lock the display meeting. It is best to use the onerous disk utility to restore your drive, similar to the disk device diskette, as quickly as potential.

Q: I exploit a non-SuperMac show with a SuperMac card and a pink tint on the display.

A: This will happen if the inexperienced a part of the RGB signal doesn’t cross via your current cable. You’ll in all probability need a brand new cable. The cable methods used by totally different suppliers typically range, but differences might be simply solved by buying a brand new cable. We advocate utilizing the STD3555 show cable with SuperMac graphics cards, and most Radius or RasterOps displays are displayed. NEC screens often don’t need this cable. The STD3555 show cable may be ordered at 800-977-7060 and request Part Quantity 0006939-0001. It’s also potential to use the cable 0009344-0001 in its place, offered that only three of the 5 BNC strains (pink, green and blue) are used.

Q: What’s the newest software program to be used with Spectrum cards?

A: If you want to answer this query, you first have to know which ROM version is put in on the Spectrum card. To configure this, open the control panel of your monitor and click on the Settings button. The identify of the card and the ROM model quantity will seem. If the ROM model of the Spectrum card is 1.7.2 or earlier, the newest software program that the card can use is the SuperVideo 2.7.5 management panel. If the ROM version of the card is or greater, the latest software program it will possibly use is SuperVideo three.1. As well as, if the Spectrum ROM model is or greater and you need to apply it to a PowerPC-based pc, you will need to install the SuperPower plug-in to optimize the card's acceleration capabilities in the PowerPC surroundings. The newest model of SuperPower is 1.1. These software may be downloaded from the Radius software program libraries CompuServe, America Online, AppleLink, eWorld, web ( or and Radius Online BBS at 408-541-6190. ] Q: What if I’ve an issue with my card not listed in this Q&A?

A: We advocate that you simply perform as lots of the following general-purpose troubleshooting steps as potential earlier than calling for technical help:

  1. Has something been lately modified or installed on this pc or since the card was last working appropriately? Was the system software program updated? Have new extensions or management panels been added? If that is the case, attempt removing all additions and checking for the drawback.
  2. Remove all extensions and control panels and check again. If the drawback persists, one in every of the deleted gadgets may be outdated or incompatible.
  3. Has the drawback occurred in only one software? If this is the case, then throw the software file for that software (Choice information are situated in the System folder Settings folder.) Has the drawback been removed after the software has been reinstalled? Do you will have the latest version of the app?
  4. If an issue happens in multiple purposes, take away the PRAM (while holding down Command, Choice, P, and R at the similar time). Let the pc restart 3 times (you hear the ringtone each time) and then release these keys.
  5. Carry out a clean installation of the system software program. To do that, maintain down the Command-Shift-Okay keys whereas utilizing the Apple installer to install System 7.5 or later. To install the system software purely with System 7.1, 7.1.1 or 7.1.2, you could boot the pc from the Disk Utility disc or CD-ROM, set the System folder to the Recycle Bin, after which run the Apple Setup program

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