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Awakening Interviews with Guru Rattana – Our neutral mind awakens to God's consciousness.


Donna Quesada: Now you converse a neutral mind. That is a part of ten bodies which might be a singular educating for kundalini yoga

And I feel many individuals don't know this ten-body concept because we solely see one body. Might you speak for a moment or two out of ten bodies and how neutral does it match?

Guru Rattana: Yogi Bhajan gave us a system of ten bodies to understand the energetic realities of our physical being. Not only a bodily being. So it gave us… I'll explain this briefly. It explains what we will get once we wake up and how we will perceive our energetic composition. So, the soul of the first body, and that’s, where is the soul in the human body? So, let us acknowledge that we are moving into our lives, which is deeper than simply, I have this character … I hope that things work.

After which the next three "organs" are mind: damaging / constructive mind. It's a dualistic mind… and a neutral mind. So it says we’ve a "mind", a human, a "soul" within the human body. We’re completely happy to work, and so the mind works. Some of us assume we’re analyzing things, and if we move to a neutral mind, we will see from a special perspective, from a better perspective, and begin to connect with our souls. Once we see the mind, we know that we now have the mind and the way it works, so we will be a part of the physique in a different way. So the Fifth Physique is just a part of our being, it is the bodily physique. I've added the physical physique, the emotional body is the bodily part.

DONNA: Mhmm.

GURU RATANA: I spent years going via ten bodies and questioning where the emotional body is? And eventually, I was like, we simply have to add it. One way or the other the system didn't embrace it. So I embrace the emotional body in the bodily body. As a result of both the emotional physique and the bodily body move by means of the weather, tattvas… air, earth, water and hearth. And emotions are the ones who actually categorical these energies. So, it's number 5. Then we get extra of our being in an lively configuration. Arcline is the sunshine that comes to mind. It's like this … halo, and it awakens God's consciousness. We have now not solely a neutral view; Our neutral mind awakens the consciousness of God.

After which it explains that we have now an aura – an lively body round us that drops from the universe … environmental and common energies and reflects our bodily power. So it provides us the concept we are an lively being, that we have now not solely a bodily physique … our physical bodies are surrounded by power layers. And then eight are prana, brisk physique, body's potential to breathe. The ninth physique is a delicate body associated with a specific emotional body as a result of it carries emotional traces related to our soul once we come to bodily reality. And our whole evolutionary process is to clear up our delicate body in order that once we depart it’s what we go out, is a delicate body… is an power physique. We would like to clear up our actions once we're right here. Our religious, religious program. And once we do, we get extra mild in our plow. And once we are all clean and shiny, our aura is surrounded by its radiant golden mild and is known as the radiant physique. There is a lot. I'll explain this in lots of my books.

DONNA: I know you have got plenty of manuals, and once we close, I would like to give individuals the prospect to find these manuals. So, I'll inform you the place they will look for you and study more about your books. You already know that a couple of things came to mind whenever you explained that… If you spoke of a delicate physique and how it is, what we’d like to clear up once we are right here. It feels like numerous karma. The place can we bear our karma?

GURU RATTANA: Sure, it will be a method to take a look at it. I imply, it's printed on our physical physique, nevertheless it's all related.

DONNA: And is the arc comparable to an aura?

GURU RATTANA: Properly, it's part of the aura, but that's the half that has enough mild within the higher chakras, then we're woke up. Neutral is related to our mind, which may get up.

DONNA: So waking up is absolutely energetic? There’s another means to see … what individuals want to understand … it's not only a totally different method to see it, the power that puts this situation in a brand new imaginative and prescient…

GURU RATTANA: Yes, lovely! That's nice! I like it, yeah.

DONNA: To encourage you to do that … you realize, we talked about stress. The concept issues have to be pretty dangerous. Do we’ve to have what religious traditions have all the time been referred to as "the dark night of the soul?" It's "traumatic?" Or what does Eckhart Tolle call, "the boundary condition?".

GURU RATTANA: Some individuals want it. In case you want it, you get it. For those who don't need it, you could not get it. You could not get the damaging occasion that may encourage you. I recommend that it’s motivated without it. But should you want it, the universe and your soul will reach it.

DONNA: And Need a Instructor? Need a instructor?

GURU RATTANA: Properly, that's an enormous question. Depends upon who’s the instructor? There are lots of academics they usually train loads of different things. It’s good that the Kundalini Yoga teacher exhibits the positions and be in the group and find out how to use the know-how. In the long run, we have now to grow to be our own academics. We’ve got to tune in and pay attention to ourselves. The extra applicable directions we will get… it's all the time good… we don't want to be utterly ourselves. We will depart some issues … I miss things in my life. If I knew a number of the issues that lasted 20 years to discover out within the early levels, I might have educated myself in another way. I didn't know I had educated myself. I just knew I wanted to do yoga, so I did yoga day-after-day. But I lastly awoke to have to practice myself to concentrate. So it took me about 20 years to find out. So, if in case you have someone who can inform you, and you then do it, it's great. But in the long run we’ve to pay attention to ourselves. So we should always not use the instructor to exchange ourselves and concentrate to ourselves. Yogi Bhajan all the time informed us that Kundalini Yoga is your instructor. So make Kundalini Yoga, and let it wake you up.

DONNA: And so, yoga, is what you call "practice?" And is it finished daily?

GURU RATTANA: It doesn't have to be. It will depend on what you need. I do it day by day. And when you can, the extra you do it with consciousness and kindness … you have to be pleasant to your self. Typically a bit is lacking … like ahhh, every thing is so uncooked. Nah, it doesn't work like that. You’ve to be pleasant, you’ve gotten to be disciplined and don't say ohh … I'm not lazy. However you will have to respect your body with kindness. So everybody ought to simply do one thing and find out. The extra you do, the more you get. The extra you concentrate, the more you get.

DONNA: Can I ask you a reasonably pink headpiece for many who might not know? Is this part of the know-how? A few of the yoga instruments?

GURU RATTANA: Yogi Bhajan advises to cowl our heads. Truly, it is extremely fascinating that American ladies created turban for ladies. There have been no turbans for ladies in India. It was simply men. And then when did the women get to know Kundalini Yoga and the turbans, they usually have been like us? Please do not. So American ladies have created these turbans for ladies! It concentrates your power and… provides you focus. Truly, as soon as a psychic lady checked out me once I put my turban and she or he is like, "Oh, who are the gurus sitting on your head?" Whenever you twist my turban, these gurus started to get into the oyster. “I went, mmm good!


GURU RATTANA: I can't see it … I can't see it. However it's very empowering, it's very targeted. Once I write my books, I all the time turbana, so I can get steerage. I don't even know I get it. However it makes me feel very limited, protected. My brain works better. So I prefer it. Attempt it typically. You understand, you set your hair on prime of your head, after which wrap one thing around you … get something you want, it's lovely. And just attempt to see how you are feeling. It's just an experience. You might have to go to expertise. I prefer it. You might also!

DONNA: Thanks for that. And so many religious traditions converse of the ego. Is this a part of this apply? Decreasing Ego?

GURU RATTANA: Properly, it depends upon how you define the ego. In an sudden state, the ego is the identify given to what controls… how to information our lives… the id construction. The more we develop into, the extra our id structure expands to a extra religious id. And so, Yogi Bhajan advised us we’d like the ego. I feel he principally meant that we would have liked an id construction. You possibly can't just say ah, whatever. We’d like inner steerage, however inner control have to be woke up to a better consciousness. So, what drives us is just not unconscious programming and the type of air con that we received once we have been a bit of … who maintain themselves until we die. Until you wake up to an id construction that works with love and compassion, not worry and anger.

DONNA: So, the ego tends to crash into lower feelings?

GURU RATTANA: Nicely, typically, the ego refers to consciousness or lack of consciousness pushed by decrease emotions and unconscious programming. So the ego is often outlined in order that the id structure is in place and controlled, not consciously by means of our hearts by way of love, however by way of worry and anger, and through damage and ache. It is often related with the ego. That's why it gets "bad"…

DONNA: Poor rap.

GURU RATANA: Yes, dangerous rap.

DONNA: I might ask you questions all day! You’ve got a lot info. It's simply been a pleasure to speak to you. And when we have now reached the top of our hour, I would really like to ask you if there’s anything you desire to to share with our Awaken listeners?

GURU RATTANA: Do something for yourself. Even one apply a day that’s good. Do it kindly and do it consciously. And your life is changing. And then – Can I say something…

DONNA: In fact!

GURU RATTANA:… my on-line course?

DONNA: Please!

GURU RATTANA: I’ve a Guru Rattana on-line. This program is accessible by means of Perhaps you possibly can put it…

DONNA: <br19659004] GURU RATTANA: So, can you set these small, writings…

DONNA: Completely. So is it YogaTech, T – E – C – H dot com?

GURU RATTANA: Yeah. So is my website. From there you will get it … via the order, nevertheless it's like $ 10 a month. They’re 78 classes. I did this in four years, creating these courses. And it's Guru Rattana on-line. So you’ll be able to take courses with me every single day… as many as you need.

DONNA: Fantastic!

GURU RATANA: Yeah, that's good.

DONNA: And may they discover your books on the identical website?

GURU RATTANA: Yes, the identical website, they are all out there in e-books and PDF information.

DONNA: Fantastic!

GURU RATTANA: Most of them are e-books, however they are all out there in PDF format. And you can start with the introduction of Kundalini Yoga, Quantity One & Two. The neutral power explains every thing we did in the present day. In February, I have a brand new e-book referred to as Kundalini Yoga Inside Artwork: Wake Up to Love. And it explains the whole lot, what I am here to say …

DONNA: Look ahead to it!

Rattana GURU: That is truly obtainable now, reminiscent of constructed-Love Art-art, but I have added to it rather a lot. And I used … I modified the title of the internal artwork of Kundalini Yoga. So, as we do with Kundalini yoga, we know what we do and why we did it and the way to information and practice ourselves so that we will develop into more aware quicker. It takes a long time, I cannot actually say that I am absolutely conscious of. However I get up. And so, all the things that I've discovered over 41 years, how do I control our coverage, I have included in this guide. This is the start and then the opposite books.

DONNA: Waiting! You're so prolific. It have to be all Kundalini yoga.

GURU RATTANA: Yes, it helps! It makes! I… received this job. I know that I'm right here process, so this is my job. I prefer it nicely, and I simply do it. I'm nonetheless writing three extra books.

DONNA: Wow! Nicely, I'm ready. It's simply been a pleasure to spend this lesson with you, Guru Rattana.

GURU RATANA: Thank you very much! I had a pleasant time. We will do it again!

DONNA: Fantastic! I would really like to thank you!


Guru Rattana, Physician, Instructor, Instructor and Instructor, has been a instructor of Yogi Bhajan and his Kundalini Yoga and Meditation for 41 years. He literally lives and loves Kundalini Yoga and has devoted much of his life to educating and writing books about this superb method.

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