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American Airlines A321T First Class, New York – Los Angeles

American Airlines A321T first class cabin

A number of years in the past I used to be making an attempt to evaluate all obtainable home "premium" intercontinental providers. I began in 2017 with jetBlue Mint, then moved to United's "p.s." and Delta One. Lastly, the opportunity arose to close the loop with the A321T First Class of American Airlines. American is at present the only home airline working firstclass plane with three cabs; Subsequently, I selected this to see if the product justifies a worth improve.

Unfortunately, the American is on no account providing MileSAAver for first intercontinental or business. So I waited for the day with discounted charges and paid $ 859 for my a method ticket to Los Angeles.

See also: Amol's evaluate of the opening flight of the A321T in the first; and James Score First Class of 2015.

American Airlines (AA) Flight 302

  • Saturday, April 27, 2018
  • Departure: New York – John F. Kennedy Worldwide Airport (JFK), Terminal eight, Port 38, 18:23, 7m early
  • Arrival: Los Angeles Worldwide Airport (LAX), Terminal 4, Gate 42A, 9:30 pm, 34m early
  • Period: 6 hours 7 minutes
  • Seat: 2F [19659006] Gear : Airbus A321T (32T)

Verify-in and Boarding

After arriving at Delta's new Airbus A220 LaGuardia, I made an extended flight to JFK for this flight. In case you are questioning, the route between the two airports is relaxed. First, take the Q70 / SBS bus to 74th Road / Roosevelt Underground Station. Then take the E-practice to Sutphin Boulevard / JFK. And eventually, board the airport. The whole thing at lunch cease lasted about an hour and 45 minutes and price $ 11.50. Shifting from the brilliant aspect to the E-practice in Jackson Heights is a paradise for reasonable dining. So I ran for lower than 5 bucks for a pair empañad and soda at a Colombian bakery. Empanada and fruit soda in Queens ” width=”960″ height=”720″ />

Empanada and fruit soda in Queens ” width=”960″ height=”720″ />

. Anyway, like LAX. , American presents flagship company first signal-up for intercontinental and international first-class shoppers. Unfortunately, I couldn't find it, so I can't comment on the way it works. Nevertheless, James' message describes the process in Los Angeles. With Precheck and the boarding cross already in hand, security clearance took less than 5 minutes. Then I headed to the flagship foyer to take pleasure in pre-flight rest.

The ascent time started at 6 pm, and with solely 102 passengers in full load, the ascent progressed quickly. The nice FA welcomed me aboard and we shortly pressed and left the gate full 7 minutes early.

American Airlines A321T First Class – Seats and Furnishings

The American A321T First Class cabin is certainly intimate with solely 10 seats in 1 × 1 configuration. Although the seats wouldn’t have doors, the angle to the wall supplies adequate privacy.

  American Airlines A321T first-class cabin American Airlines A321T firstclass cabin – picture by James [19659021] American Airlines A321T first-class seats "width =" 960 "height =" 1280 "data-lazy- data-lazy- data-Lazy-src =" https://gobushido.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/08/1565782765_488_american-airlines-a321t-first-class-new-york-los-angeles.jpg "/>

  American Airlines A321T First Class Seats

  American Airlines A321T First Class Seats

  American Airlines A321T First Class Seats

As you can see, the seat shell hides quite effectively, especially in the corner of the seat. ]  First class seat privacy of American Airlines A321T

  First class seat privacy of American Airlines A321T

a standard inverted fish screw, offering a 62 ″ pitch and 21 ″ width.

 American Airlines A321T First Class Seat - Footrest and Rise

  American Airlines A321T First Class Seat - Footrest and Rise

I did a couple things. however. First, the seat seemed to be a bit cramped, despite the ample legroom, as the foot brace narrows significantly at the knee level. Secondly, watching the TV during take off and landing is a bit tricky because the screen sits at an angle.

The seat offers ample working and storage space thanks to the oversized armrest. As a fan of window seats, I also appreciated these two windows.

 American Airlines A321 First Class Seat - Oversized Armrests and Windows

  American Airlines A321 First Class Seat - Oversized Armrests and Windows

The storage space also includes a double storage rack near the footrest and a rear armrest. This storage rack also includes a 110V power outlet.

 AA 321T first class storage compartment

  AA 321T first class storage compartment

AA A321T first class storage rack and socket ” width=”960″ height=”1280″ data-lazy- data-lazy- data-lazy-src=”https://gobushido.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/08/1565782766_46_american-airlines-a321t-first-class-new-york-los-angeles.jpg”/>

  AA A321T first class storage rack and socket

and seat controls, light, headphone and USB ports. I found the seat controls to be easy to use but also easy to clog. For example, when I landed, I could not get the seat upright. Then both flight attendants also tried and eventually gave up. Eventually, I found the culprit – an iPhone charger that was partially stuck between the seat cushion and cover.

AA A321T IFE and Seat Controls ” width=”960″ height=”1280″ data-lazy- data-lazy- data-lazy-src=”https://gobushido.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/08/1565782766_871_american-airlines-a321t-first-class-new-york-los-angeles.jpg”/>

  AA A321T IFE and Seat Controls

Waiting for both seats was Casper. bedding and the American Athletic Propulsion Labs comfort kit. I will look at the convenience package in the future; the bag is big and looks great but it doesn't look very durable. The ID only began to be used after a few months of use in the warehouse.

 American Airlines A321T First Class - Casper Bedding

  American Airlines A321T First Class - Casper Bedding

 AA Transcon First Class APL Comfort Set

<img class="aligncenter size-full wp-image-473605" src="https://gobushido.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/08/1565782766_991_american-airlines-a321t-first-class-new-york-los-angeles.jpg" alt=" AA Transcon First Class Comfort Kit9 [ ] When it's time to sleep, the seat tilts to a flat bed of 82 ″.

I found that the seat is usually comfortable in an upright, reclining chair, and in bed space. The shrunken leg area felt most strange upright. I didn't notice any tightness in the bed. Then again, even upright, I felt so comfortable that I got a good 30 minutes after getting on the plane.

American Airlines A321T First Class Flight Entertainment

All first class seats feature generous backrest monitors with excellent resolution. . One of my complaints, as mentioned earlier, is the angle of the screen placed. This makes watching television difficult during take-off and landing.

 American Airlines A321T First Class Backrest Screen

  American Airlines A321T First Class Backrest Screen

The screen makes for great viewing or playing time. flight however. Entertainment consists of the same selection of TV shows, movies and games as other American domestic flights. I enjoyed watching the Green Paper followed by the map while I was working on my laptop.

 AA First Class Seat Backs In Flight

  AA First Class Seat Backs In Flight

American recently started switching from Bose. Bang & Olufsen H9i, and my flight was brand new. They certainly look and feel miserable and I found that the sound quality is excellent. But are they really better than the Bose QC headphones they have replaced? I think so, but I'm not ready to drop $ 500 yet. In any case, you have no complaints.

 American Airlines A321T First Class - Bang & Olufsen Headphones

<img class="aligncenter size-full wp-image-473609" src="https://gobushido.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/08/1565782766_760_american-airlines-a321t-first-class-new-york-los-angeles.jpg" alt=" American Airlines also offers new high-speed WiFi on these flights; However, I did not try it.

Food and Drink

The beverage service started with a pre-departure drink shortly after boarding. Afterwards – sucking – a little too much in the lounge, stuck with water. In the meantime, the enthusiast brought dinner dinner menus.

 American Airlines A321T First Class Dinner Menu

  American Airlines A321T First Class Dinner Menu

AA Transcon First Class Dessert and Beverage Menu ” width=”960″ height=”1280″ data-lazy- data-lazy- data-lazy-src=”https://gobushido.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/08/1565782766_412_american-airlines-a321t-first-class-new-york-los-angeles.jpg”/>

  AA Transcon First Class Dessert and Beverage Menu

]  AA Transcon's First Class Wine List

  AA Transcon's First Class Wine List

The meal service started quickly, just 25 minutes after take off. . After the usual mixed nuts (not pictured) I started burrata as a starter. I enjoy this food; it was a fine blend of light, fresh vegetables and richness in mozzarella fluff.

 AA Transcon's first class appetizer - burratta

  AA Transcon's first class appetizer - burratta

Next, I had a soup, cream of mushroom soup.

 AA Transcon's First Class Soup

  AA Transcon's First Class Soup

The soup had a decent taste, albeit a bit watery, even after turning it into a cream. . However, I could do without a piece of garlic bread with the dreaded stale half-crunch.

Next was a mixed vegetable salad course.

 AA Transcon First Class Salad

  AA Transcon First Class Salad

Or at least the advertised green mixed vegetable plate but a really giant arugula. Now I like arugula and others, but gee whiz, AA – Can't you save even one tomato? Or a couple of olives or carrot chips or something? Anyway, at least the greens were fresh.

Next came the main courses and I didn't order the chicken Romanesco. Honestly, none of the main dishes looked terrifying, but this seemed the most promising.

 American Airlines A321T First Class Dinner Main Course

  American Airlines A321T First Class Dinner Main Course

Unfortunately, the meal seemed to go downhill with each course, and by this it reached its bottom. I remember thinking that this looks like a rubber hen that I usually get in continuing education classes. And indeed, the chicken had a chemical consistency. It desperately needed sauce, but it was too thick for the ratatouas to make it. Good thing I ate such a big meal in the lobby or I would go home hungry.

I didn't mention wine for the time being, but I ate a glass of white Burgundy at meal time. I found it perfectly drinkable because the dry, fruity taste goes well with an otherwise unforgettable meal. But does a $ 15 bottle really cut into its first-class products?

At least the dessert proved to be a reliable good. I liked it with simple ice cream cheese, caramel and lots of pecans. In a rather humorous way, both the seeker and the business class FA competed for their rights to do it for me.

 AA Transcon First Class Ice Cream Brands

  AA Transcon First Class Ice Cream Masks

first. Class passengers received a chocolate cookie about an hour before landing. I forgot to take a picture, but if you are a regular AA home First, it is the same.

All in all, I found myself really disappointed with the meal, especially the Main Course. And to be honest, it really p * ss me that the same airline with a great flagship First Dining is coming back with such bad deals in the air. It is an exhibition of the frustrating inconsistencies of Americans today.

American Airlines A321T First Class – Service

The first class attendant on this pilot was a friendly man, albeit with an "informal" approach – a government service. For example, he didn't show the passengers a name, and the interaction felt more like "hey, how are you doing". Nevertheless, I assumed the strategy worked on this flight. He provided a pleasant, but most necessary, proactive service. Too many home first flight attendants simply disappear after a meal, but he checked in the cabin several occasions through the flight. In fact, I feel I was the one passenger (out of 5) who was awake a lot of the flight. In fact, personal service is pretty straightforward with only one passenger serving…

Airline tickets

Sadly I ended proper after boarding but didn't wake up a couple of minutes earlier than the meal. That's why I spoke to JFK departing flight planner, and a picture of New York Metropolis. But on our method west within the evening, we loved the sundown, which took a lot of the flight. Some beneath the cloudy sky left the sunset wanting very similar to a flight.

 Sundown over Iowa

  Sundown over Iowa

But as we pass Kansas, the sky clears for a moment from this view of Milford Lake. , near Junction City.

 Sundown close to Junction Metropolis, Kansas

  Sundown close to Junction City, Kansas

We landed in Los Angeles a full 30 minutes early, and amazingly, we stuck to the penalty field. You possibly can't complain at all when your day ends half an hour early!

Current Thoughts

The American provides a moderately unique onerous product in a first-class intercontinental class. An intimate, 10-seater cabin with access to the flagship lobby and flagship dining supplies an amazing experience for different air vacationers on these long-haul routes. Nevertheless, I do attempt to see some worth proposition. Discount First class often goes for about $ 300 extra each approach than Enterprise Enterprise low cost. For this you get a barely longer bed, direct access to each seat in the hallway and access to flagship dining. Is it value $ 300? I don't comprehend it.

On the similar time, should you use miles, a one-means flight will set you back 50,000 miles, in comparison with 25,000 Enterprise Courses. The double worth doesn't really really feel value it to me. Assuming you even discover a area for a savings prize, ie. The troublesome availability of prizes is a large frustration on these routes. My flight was half full from the first – yet the American provided Nada identical to Saver availability.

Anyway, I benefit from the flight, but when it is advisable fly intercontinental and need a premium cabin, I just get monetary savings and the business class.

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